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Attributes / Make


Make is the actual location where a rug is produced. A rug produced in India may be Persian style rug and could be sold under the name of its style. At the same time, a area rug could be produced in the same exact place where its style first originated. Therefore, sometimes the style and the make have the same name, and sometimes they have different names.

When buying a handmade rug, one needs to know not only the name of its style, but also its make because make could be a factor in the value of the area rug.

In this section we will discuss the countries and areas where rugs are currently produced or have been produced in the past. These places include Iran, India, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Armenia/Azerbaijan/Georgia, Morocco/Algeria/Tunisia, Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan, Tibet/Nepal, Romania/Bulgaria/Albania, Egypt, France, North America, Ireland, and Spain.

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