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With beautiful showrooms housing one of the world's largest collections of hand-woven rugs, Medallion Rug Gallery has become the trusted resource for interior designers. A knowledgeable staff with over 110 years of experience is here to make your next design project more enjoyable, helping you add the beauty and character you feel is best suited for each space.

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Making Rug Accessorizing a Seamless Process for Talented Interior Designers. Here is what our knowledgeable staff offers you:

  • 110 years of combined industry experience
  • Expertise of inventory to assist in finding you the best solutions
  • Experience working with interior designers and meeting the needs of their clients means the interest of you and your clients is forever paramount in our working relationship

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Total Solution...

Total Selection:

From world-class pieces to the most economical solutions, our selection of more than 7,000 rugs offers you MORE SIZES, DESIGNS, STYLES, AND COLORS than ever before!!!

Total Product Support:

More than 20 people, with extensive product knowledge and over 110 years of in- dustry experience are here to make accessorizing easier for you. Additional FREE services help ensure generations of enjoyment for your clients!!!

Total Convenience:

From our Full-Service, In-Home evaluations that offer you the ease to assess a great- er variety of rugs in the comfort of your clients' homes while our trained staff individ- ually presents each piece, to the 24 hour accessibility of our inventory via the most comprehensive website, Medallion Rug Gallery makes it easy for you to find the best rugs for your projects' needs. At all times, a dedicated consultant will be at your ser- vice to make sure rug accessorizing is a truly seamless process.

Total Flexibility:

Depending on the needs of your individual projects, Medallion Rug Gallery offers trade discounts ranging from 20% to 30%, EXCLUSIVELY to interior designers, off our existing prices.


Our Promise To You....

To provide interior designers a loyal industry partner who is committed to maintaining the integrity of the client-designer relationship while pro- viding the highest levels of service and quality hand-woven rugs in the creation of beautiful living spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would love to use more rugs in my projects, but it is difficult to move rugs back and forth. Does your company offer services to make this easier for me? Medallion Rug Gallery provides ALL interior designers FULL-SERVICE, NO-OBLIGATION, IN-HOME evaluations for FREE. This way, you can focus on finding the best solutions in the comfort of your clients' homes.
  • I service a wide range of clients with various budgets. Is it possible to find hand-woven rugs for even my most price sensitive projects? Our inventory of over 7,000 hand-woven rugs is designed to meet the needs of ALL of your projects. Whether you are in search of an economical solution or a world-class rug, you will find plenty of possibilities among one of the world's largest inventories.
  • Having a very busy schedule, it is important for me to find partners that can provide me their services with minimal demands on my time. Are you able to adjust to my schedule? Medallion Rug Gallery is constantly finding new ways to make your job easier. From our FULL-SERVICE, IN-HOME evaluations, to our comprehensive website, we cater our services to best meet your needs.
  • I like to choose rugs at the early stages of my projects, sometimes before the house is even ready. Do you offer any storage services? Working with many interior designers, we understand your need for convenience. Not only will we store your clients' rugs for FREE, we also provide all the services to deliver and in- stall their rugs at NO ADDITIONAL COST.
  • I feel like I can really use more hand woven rugs in my projects, but because I have limited knowledge and experience working with them, it is a bit overwhelming and intimidating for me. Where do I begin? Whether an expert already or new to rugs, you can rely on Medallion Rug Gallery's experienced staff of over 20 people with a combined industry experience of more than 110 years to provide you with all the resources you need to be able to accessorize effectively within your design projects.
  • Your selection and services sound great, and I would love to begin working with you. Are there any costs or membership fees involved? No. There are no costs or fees for you to work with Medallion Rug Gallery. Instead of focus- ing on fees, ensuring you and your clients' complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. By doing so, we help guarantee your success. And as your success grows, we are successful also.
  • Many of my clients have second homes out- side of California. Are your services available beyond your local area? Having been in this industry for nearly 100 years, resulting in over 70,000 satisfied clients worldwide, we highly value our ability to be flexible when working with people. This is why we have designed ALL our services to meet the needs of your clients, wherever your next project may be.
  • I have seen some of your magazine advertise- ments promoting interior designers, and I would love to get the same kind of exposure. Is it pos- sible for me to participate in these promotional programs too? Some of the benefits of working with Medallion Rug Gallery are the special programs we offer exclusively to interior designers. Whether pro- moting you through magazine advertisements, or adding examples from your previous work to our growing library of interior designer port- folios, we are always searching for new ways to refer you new clients and make you more successful.
  • Because the interior design needs of my clients can vary, it is critical for me to have easy access to a wide assortment of styles, sizes, colors, and designs when searching for hand-woven rugs. Does Medallion Rug Gallery offer enough variety so that I can rely on you as my total solution when it comes to hand-woven rugs? As you work on multiple projects, you can rest assured that you will find numerous solutions for each among one of the world's largest hand-woven rug collections in our two elegant showrooms in downtown Palo Alto, California. From now on, you will only have to look to one trusted partner to fulfill the needs of ALL your clients.
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