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There are particular rules that should be followed when adding area rugs to your home. Keep these rules in mind before implementing an area rug to your room.

It's important to remember that your rug will be the most important splash of color in your room.So before you actually shop for your furniture, you will want to shop for your rug first.

Your upholstery should be based around your rug. Even though the rug should be shopped for first, your furniture should be the enhancement to your rug's color and design. Many Doraville Atlanta residents tend to shop for their rugs at Medallion Rug Gallery because it allows them to navigate through a selection of small rugs, as well as round area rugs. Being able to shop through a selection of rugs helps shoppers get a better idea of what furniture to add to enhance their chosen rug.

Many people fail to realize that putting a rug in your home should compliment not only their furniture but their walls, and their window treatments. It is recommended that you choose neutral shades to give you more room to play around with. 

When adding a rug to a particular room, it's all about the element of design. You can incorporate small things into the overall design scheme. If the rug design is based on shapes, you can implement shape like frames on your wall.If it's not possible to make the rug your focal point, then you can select a rug that offers the same colors used in your furnishings.The great thing about patterns is that they can be mixed if they are color coordinated.

It is well known that many people tend to go after the rectangular rugs, which seems to be limiting their options. Choose a rug that is based around your decorating style. Octagonal and circular shaped floor decor can not only add a touch of elegance but a touch of flair as well.

While style and design plays a huge part of choosing a rug for your room. Durability is highly important and should play an important factor in the decision making as well. Silk rugs are best if added to your living room space. You can also implement them as wall decor or as throws. Even though wool doesn't sound as appealing, it is highly durable and is resistant when it comes to daily wear and tear.

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