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A new home or a redecorating project is a lot of fun and can be exciting. However, When thinking of decor, the first thing that comes to mind is furnishings and wall coverings; you even go shopping for that great sofa or dining room set. But the last thing on your mind is the floor covering. While furnishings, wall coverings, paint and art are important, so is the floor covering you use on those tiles or hardwood floors. It is the rug you use that will highlight and make the beauty of that floor stand out. Truly, rug decor is one of the most important parts of decorating your home. New furniture, no matter how expensive is not going to give you that warmth you want, unless you pay attention to the area rug you use. 

Most of the homes of today have a variety of flooring. In some areas, a home might have hard wood floors; in others tile and in other areas, carpeting. Hard surface floors while beautiful need small rugs or round area rugs to break up the hard lines of the room, make it feel more luxurious, warm and comfy. It is these area rugs offer a softer finished look to the room or area you are working on. 

What Type of Rugs Should I Use in Dacula Atlanta?
Austin usually has a hot, dry climate, but interior climate control settings protect any rug you buy, so this shouldn't be an influence. They only thing affecting the type of rug you choose, is the décor you are using in your home. For instance, if your home is decorated in country, old world, or with exotic themes then you may want to visit your local Medallion Rug Gallery to choose either an antique rug or a floral or print design to go with your décor. 

On the other hand, if your decorating style leans toward the modern, and your color scheme is neutral, then you may want a neutral toned rug in a modern finish or made with modern, Eco-friendly materials. However, you could also go for an antique rug which would add that splash of color the room needs. Imagine a room decorated in tans, browns, and off-white, accented with a lovely antique Persian rug, for that needed splash of color. 

Bottom Line
Finding the right rug takes a little more effort than visiting your nearest rug gallery and choosing any rug you like. You need to measure the area where you will lay it, decide on the colors you need and the type of rug to go with your current décor. Often, taking pictures of your home is also a good idea, as you can take these into the gallery to ask the sales executive for help.

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