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Twenty years ago, an Covington Atlanta family bought a couple of area rugs at a bazaar. As they moved out of their apartment and into their own home, they brought their rugs with them. When they upgraded and moved out of their starter home, they brought their rugs with them. Today, as they get ready to move into a smaller place in the Anaheim Hills, they plan to bring their rugs with them again.

As a home furnishing, the area rug is one of the best investments that you can make in your home decor. And as the Anaheim family found out, it doesn't have to be a large carpet that covers your entire room for it to be something that you want to have with you forever. The carpets that they have are small rugs that fit into almost any room that you would want to put them in.

When it comes to shapes, rectangles and round area rugs seem to rule the marketplace as they can blend into the decor that you have in your room quite easily.

What should you look for when you go out to buy a smaller rug? If you plan to keep your rug for decades, you probably want to consider getting a handmade rug versus a machine-woven one. The reason is that many carpets or rugs that are hand-woven can take a couple of years to create. They are valued much more, therefore, in the marketplace because it is like buying an original oil painting instead of purchasing a print that is one of thousands. 

One of the best places to find original rugs is Medallion Rug Gallery. They have one of the largest online inventories on the West Coast. They also offer free shipping to all customers that purchase a rug online, meaning that your rug will arrive at your door in Anaheim within days for no extra charge.

Medallion is also a very good place to start to learn about area rugs as a collectible. The market for collectibles has been going strong for over five hundred years- and so when you are choosing a contemporary rug for your home that you want to appreciate in value, it pays to have a online guide that will give you pointers on what important parts of the decision-making process are.

Medallion will also bring you up-to-speed on the different rug-making communities that create rugs as if they are a work of art in different parts of the world. Medallion imports their rugs from India, Pakistan, China, and Iran. After 35 years in the industry, they have a large inventory of high quality rugs for you to choose from.

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