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College Park Atlanta consists of professionals that have come from all over the country to embark on lucrative careers and natives who stay because like other cities in the South, Charlotte is a charming place to call home. The region is beautiful. Big enough to satisfy the urban dweller, but small enough to retain quaint southern charm.Medallion Rug Gallery is the place to shop for Charlotte customers who want the finest quality area rugs.

For the customer who needs quality small rugs to enhance their living space, Medallion has a wide selection of round area rugs to suit any décor. Customer satisfaction is paramount and all of Medallion's products have a 100% guarantee. Not many companies offer a 30-day in-home trial, but the quality of an area rug from Medallion will speak for itself.

An area rug can be the focal point of a room that would otherwise be drab and uninteresting. Well-placed round area rugs in the sitting room or reception area give a more refined atmosphere to any home or office. With savings of 50-80% off retail and free shipping, purchasing a rug from Medallion is affordable on just about any budget.

Most people like to make purchases that are unique and express their own individuality. Unlike the local carpet store, Medallion has a vast selection of imported rugs from which to choose. Shipped from China, Iran, and India as well as other regions that make quality rugs, there are patterns, styles, and colors available to please the taste of the most discriminating customer.

Knowing the origin of the purchased product helps the customer know that they are getting a quality product. "Rug 101" tells the Medallion customer about the history, geography, and people behind the floor art they create. Learning about the origin of the purchase will allow the customer to give a brief history to their family and friends who are sure to ask about the new rug!

Medallion is family owned, operated, and dedicated to giving their customers premium service. Handmade, hand-woven rugs need special care. Medallion offers rug cleaning, repair and restoration services that can make an aging rug look new. Appraisals are available for insurance purposes. Quality hand-woven rugs will last for many decades with the proper care.

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