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Shopping for an area rug may sound like an easy task but there are a few things that should be considered before actually buying round area rugs for your home.

Canton Atlanta residents tend to include small rugs in their home for not only comfort but style. Of course choosing area rugs means that you need to understand the room in which you wish to put the rug in.

Shopping for a rug for your bedroom can definitely be a challenge. Unfortunately it's not recommended to purchase an Oriental or Persian rug due to the fact that the bed will more than likely cover the entire pattern. And since it will be under the bed in the dark, this makes it more susceptible to moth damage. Fortunately , using more than onearea rug will make for better decor. You can put two rugs on each side of the bed and a rug at the foot. You can also choose to add scatter rugs which will compliment your furnishings so much better. 

If you are interested in adding rugs to your entrances and hallways, it is advisable to use wool pile because of their durability. Be sure that it has a cotton foundation and doesn't loose shape easily. Dense patterns are also recommended for hallways and entrance ways as well.

Stairs can be a tricky area to place rugs.When it comes to decor, it's best to find rugs that offer dark and busy patterns. You want to avoid choosing rugs that blend in with the stairs. When pairing up rugs for your stairs, it's all about getting a contrast.

The living room is the most popular room to add round area rugs to. It's imperative that the rug is placed properly to get the right effect. Most people put their rugs right in front of their couch and under a coffee table. Make sure to measure any open space all the way up to the chairs and sofa so that the rug you choose will comfortably sit under individuals feet. The great thing about adding rugs of this magnitude to your living room, is that you are allowed to add more than one without it overwhelming the space. Adding a rug to hardwood floors should be placed so that wood flooring is exposed around the perimeter of the rug.

Just like the living room, the dining room is a fun place to add your area rugs. But it's also important to remember that there should be room for people to pull their chairs out from the table without the chairs leaving the rug. The back legs should always be on the rug regardless to where one sits. 

Medallion Rug Gallery believes that it's a great idea to size up any room you wish to add rugs too. Large 8X10 rugs are perfect for large rooms, such as living and dining rooms, while small 4X6 rugs are best for coffee tables. Small rugs should be considered for smaller areas like the side of your bed or in front of the kitchen sink.

The decor of your home also includes the design of your floors. Great consideration should be taken when choosing the right rug for your living space.

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