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After a day in spent in sunny Buford Atlanta, there is nothing better to do than sit and relax. What a better way to accomplish this than in a room that is comfortable with both furniture and floor coverings. Area rugs are the perfect complement to cool tile and hardwood flooring. They provide a cozy, comfortable feeling to a home or office along with a decorative touch.

Medallion Rug Gallery offers the largest selection of oriental rugs you will find. Selected from the most qualified rug makers all over the world, these handmade works of art allow personality to shine through. Choose from round area rugs, many large rugs, and small rugs. Each one of these masterpieces is unique.

Created in a village, nomadic, workshop, or master workshops, an area rug tends to be a reflection of its maker and the customs of where it is made. They are each influenced in their pattern, weave, pile, and knot depending on the maker's lifestyle and geographical surroundings. 

With all the styles and selections of high quality rugs available, this makes finding just the right area rug for an office or living space an adventure. Imagine rows after rows of rugs in a vast array of styles, patterns, and colors. This extensive collection of rugs are all available on the Medallion Rug Gallery online store. With savings of 50 to 80 percent of retail prices and 30 day money back guarantee, it is the ideal way to locate a work of art like this.

When in the market for small or large rugs, there are plenty to find on our website. There are hand crafted new contemporary Chinese rugs in modern or Persian designs made in workshops. With many styles to choose from, a Buford Atlanta home or office can find a new look with rectangle or round area rugs. Using existing decor, there is sure to be a rug that will accent those pieces to bring out their character. For collectors, small Antique European rugs are sure to please. After our complete restoration process, they look like new and bring some old world charm to the space.

Finding just the right rug to complete the room is rewarding. Let our dedicated, highly skilled staff work along side you make this an investment that will last. They have the experience to help locate the perfect masterpiece from our collection to complement any decor.

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