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If it didn't result in beautiful surroundings, everyone would give up on decorating after one room. Wouldn't it be great if everyone shared your personal taste? That's a huge part of why the decorating process is so frustrating, but this is what makes life interesting too. Better not being forever bored than being able to find the perfect area rug at the first place you stop to shop.

Variety definitely is the spice of life, which is why we must weave it into every room. It's also why everyone is looking for different sized area rugs. Unless you live in one of those cookie cutter neighborhoods in Blairsville Atlanta, the rug sizes you need vary from those someone else needs. Curiously, rug makers seem to feel that their product is like a picture frame where everyone needs a standard size.

Are you standard? Do you feel average? Chances are you're emphatically shaking your head. Yet, this oversight on the part of rug producers and picture frame makers has you running to every mall within an hour or two of Detroit in search of small area rugsthat come in the right size to fit this spot on your floor.

Have you noticed that the rug people want to force you to accept the rectangle? As if there were something wrong with wanting square or round area rugs. Rectangular rugs do have their place, but not everywhere. Such a small world the common rug designer lives in. Perhaps it is because drawing paper comes off the pad longer than it is wide.

You're not alone in wishing they would design outside the box. There are plenty of rug designers who do. You just haven't looked in the right place yet. Malls in Michigan, and everywhere else, have chain stores who buy from mainstream manufacturers. In fact, most stores do this - even when they have their own label. Why? Simply because the average consumer gravitates to brands they have heard of, which translates into what they see on TV or in magazines.

This is why you've hunted far and wide for small rugs that are unique and are still looking. You will quickly see the benefits of handmade rugs. Yes, there are rectangular shapes here too, but for the most part they won't be a 'standard size' or designed to fit average needs. Artisans love variety. They use colors that fit their vision too, giving you a wider range of choices. They also are passionate about their work and insist that its quality is excellent. Check out the many artisan rugs available at Medallion Rug Gallery. They come in all shapes and many sizes.

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