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Nothing quite beats life at the foot of the mountains in beautiful Avondale Estates Atlanta. While the summer can be spent outdoors enjoying nature, winter will come and drive everyone home for a winter spent resting and recharging indoors. However, some people are better prepared for winter than others. Through the tasteful use of color therapy and adding small rugs where appropriate, you can be prepared to live up the winter in style.

Prepare for that moment by filling your apartment home with a variety of small rugsand possibly some floor pillows for a comfy winter spent by the fire (or by the heater). Try these simple tips:

For large rooms at the center of the house, consider placing one of your favorite brightly colored round area rugs from Medallion Rug Gallery in a place where everyone in the family passes at least once to brighten their day. Stone or wooden floors are especially in need of a good area rug as they can get extremely chilly in the winter.

Another great room for round area rugs are living and family rooms without televisions. While television force a room to be square, you have a freedom with a round rug to create an intimate atmosphere ringed by chairs. In the middle you can put a coffee table, or leave the space open for children and pets to play during family holidays. 

Consider changing the area rug in your den or office to something more festive, possibly either October colors or maybe something that reminds you of summer. Some people like to create a warm burrow like feeling by using browns in their area rugs, especially if their office has darker wood tones such as walnut. 

Children can often be a restless mix of excited during for the fall and the school year, and sad from all the darkness and snow of winter. To help maintain the balance their bedrooms can use a little bit of color therapy in preparation for the winter. Consider changing the color schemes of children's bedding from lively summer colors to darker purples and woodland colors to encourage restful sleep during the school year. Consider using brightly colored area rugs for their play space. This creates liveliness and energy where it is needed, while leaving the bedroom a cocoon for rest.

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