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We are pleased to offer the highest quality handmade Indian rugs to the Auburn Atlanta community. Once available exclusively to royalty, handmade Indian rugs are among the most elegant produced anywhere in the world. Our costumers can feel like a Maharaj by owning one of these exquisite works of art that need to seen to be believed. The secret to the uniquely elegant quality of these rugs is the delicate process through which they are made, a process that can take skilled craftspeople over two years to complete a single large carpet.

Centuries ago, techniques developed in Persia were brought to Northern India, where they have been faithfully preserved. Families have been practicing the art of rug making for many years and take pride in passing on the special skills required for producing authentic handmade Indian rugs from one generation to the next. Although modern modern technology may allow discount rugs to be made much faster, the quality and special characteristics of Indian rugs such as the area rugs in our showroom can only be accomplished through the efforts of these talented workers.

The design for each rug is the unique result of an intricate process of individually crafted designs drawn in code that several workers, often family members, use for placing specific colors and constructing textures. Brilliantly colored threads are tied in layers of knots on the framework then individually cut then the processes is repeated according the specifications of the design. Handmade Indian rugs made using this technique are sometimes referred to as "magic carpets" because of the way the colors and textures interact to create different visual effects when viewed from several angles. While our rugs are sturdy and suitable for foot traffic, the beauty of an area rugfrom our showroom also makes it an excellent decorative pieces which is as attractive on display hanging on a wall as when in use on the floor.

We recommend that customers stop by our Auburn Atlanta location to come view our selection in person. We offer rugs in various sizes, including popular favorites such assmall rugs and round area rugs. Our handmade rugs present our customers with a level of craftsmanship which is difficult to find anywhere else. Every piece, whether large or small, speaks to the history of the tradition behind the craft of making rugs and the skills of the individual artisans who carefully produced each one. More than just rugs, our handmade Indian rugs offer quality and beauty rarely seen today.

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