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If you live in the beautiful Atlanta Atlanta area, you may be thinking about adding value to your home. You do know that one way to add value sometimes is to change up your interior design. Now every-one thinks that interior design has to be something huge, but sometimes you can make big changes by adding something small.

For example, maybe picking a nice area rug to go into the main hallway by a beautiful staircase could add to the beauty of the room. Something small like that may set off your room just the way you want it, and that could be something your guest talk about when they come into your lovely home. 

Now when you are thinking about getting area rugs for your home, you have to understand what they are and how they are different from other rugs. The key with these types of rugs is that they are not designed to cover the whole floor they only cover part of floor in any given room.

Now when you start searching for these types of rugs you want to find a place that gives you a great assortment to pick from. Here at Medallion Rug Gallery we have one of the best assortment of rugs to pick from. Now our physical store is located in Palo Alto California, but no worries because you can visit our website. Simply go to and see we have to offer you. Whether you are looking for small rugs or something a little bigger we have exactly what you need. 

Remember when we were talking about adding a rug in your hallway by a beautiful staircase, well close your eyes and imagine having beige round area rugs by the staircase and at the top of the staircase. Now maybe beige may not be the best color for your hallway, but that is the beauty of you designing your room the way you want too and the color combinations you want. 

Maybe in Atlanta Atlanta you just don't have a lot of rug galleries to choose from, but that is okay. Your home is one of your most valuable assets and you do all that you can too add value to your home and maintain the value of your home, so think about adding small things to the inside and interior of your home. Sometimes always remember smaller can be actually better then what people think. 

That is the beauty of Medallion Rug Gallery having an online presence so no matter where you are, we can take care of your area rug needs.

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