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Alpharetta Atlanta is known as the core of all things possible in the lovely state of Florida. The diversity generated by agriculture, finance, health care, tourism and the port of Tampa is humongous. The evolution of change in this demographic of the state is one that is constantly on the horizon. Because of this, it is understandable that residents and visitors often embrace that change by surrounding themselves with beauty, character, history and convenience. All of these elements are a direct representative of what can be obtained by something as simple as an Area rug

Medallion Rug Gallery offers a complete line of floor décor and specializes in floor pieces. The quality of the cover chosen to accent a space is of the highest available. There are a wide variety of options to accessorize almost any size of space you look to enhance. The styles of round area rugs are abundant. The selection of area rugsin our collection is geared to help you achieve the desired temperature in any given space. Small rugs add a touch of intimate charm to any room and the maintenance is almost nonexistent. The vibrant yet artistic and stunning colors create a kaleidoscope party to any view and immediately bring attention to the artistic design it inhibits no matter how large or small. 

True décor is always properly positioned and well placed. This is true of your floor accents as well. Remember the floor is the fifth wall of a room and should always display a form of true beauty that is significant of your personality and style. Placing rugs throughout a room can emerge a flow of culture and creative energy within a room. Quality and budget are a collective effort that should work coherently in helping to achieve the look desired. There is always an efficient way to coordinate the room with the rug you love at a cost you are extremely comfortable with. Choosing to place area pieces throughout a home or building also gives the convenience of remodeling at a later time with the same pieces. It is very simple to update the look of an area by simply switching rugs from one space to another and completely change the feel of the room.

Medallion Rug Gallery is a museum of artistic Area Rugs catering to the Alpharetta  Atlanta area. Our selection includes a showcase of designs, shapes and colors guaranteed to awe your eye. We are available to help transform any room from basic to brilliant with our knowledgeable and experienced staff ready to serve you. Browse our inventory and discover how a few small rugs can make a big difference in any area of your home.

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