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Trade Shows

Las Vegas Furniture & Accessories Market, Las Vegas 5/6 to 5/8
Southern California Furniture & Accessories Market, Long Beach 11/19 to 11/21
Fall Gift, Accessories & Furniture Market, Los Angeles 9/17 to 9/8
Gift, Decorative Accessories & Furniture, Los Angeles 7/11 to 7/18 
NeoCon West/Westweek 2000, Los Angeles 3/27 to 3/31 
Spring Gift, Decorative Accessories Show, Los Angeles 4/2 to 4/4
San Francisco International Gift Fair, San Francisco 8/5 to 8/9
San Francisco International Gift Show, San Francisco 2/5 to 2/9
San Francisco Summer Market, San Francisco 7/21 to 7/25

Coverings 2000, Orlando 5/2 to 5/5 
Design Fest/NeoCon South, Miami Beach 3/8 to 3/12 
Heintextil, Miami 5/24 to 5/26 
Orlando Furniture & Accessory Market, Orlando 8/25 to 8/27

International Area Rug Market, Atlanta 7/13 to 7/16

Chicago Design Show, Chicago
Chicago Gift Show, Chicago 7/29 to 8/1
Chicago International Antique & Fine Art, Chicago 4/28 to 5/1 
Global shop 2000, Chicago 3/25 to 3/27 
NeoCon, Chicago 6/12 to 6/14

Boston Gift Show, Boston 3/26 to 3/29
Boston Gift Show, Boston 9/10 to 9/13

Minneapolis Summer Home Furnishing, Minneapolis 8/2 to 8/6

Tupelo Furniture Market, Mississippi 2/17 to 2/20

Mid-Atlantic Furniture & Accessories, New Jersey 2/6 to 2/8
Mid-Atlantic Furniture & Accessory Market, New Jersey 8/6 to 8/8

Decorex, New York 5/20 to 5/23
Design Days, New York 10/4 to 10/6 
DesigN.Y.C./Interplan, New York 10/26 to 10/29 
International Contemporary Furniture Fair, New York 5/20 to 5/23 
NeoCon East, New York 11/1 to 11/3 
New York International Gift Fair, New York 8/19 to 8/23

International Home Furnishing, High Point 10/19 to 10/26
International Home Furnishing Market, High Point 4/6 to 4/13

Philadelphia Furniture & Furnishing Show, Philadelphia 5/12 to 5/14

Dallas National Gift & Accessories Market, Dallas 6/22 to 6/29
Dallas National Gift & Home Accessories, Dallas 3/18 to 3/20
Dallas National Gift & Home Accessories, Dallas 9/16 to 9/18

Washington Gift Show, Washington 7/23 to 7/26

Furniture Fair 21st Century, Indonesia 12/1 to 12/10 
Antique & Fine Art Fair, London 3/22 to 3/28 
Decorex, London 9/24 to 9/27 
Furniture China 2000, Shanghai 9/13 to 9/16
NeoCon Canada/IIDEX, Toronto 9/28 to 9/29

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Tibetan Carpet Traders, Phoenix

Persian Mercantile Co., Berkeley 
Caravan Rug Corp., Beverly Hills 
Caravan Rugs, Beverly Hills 
Aryana Rugs, Burlingame 
Amir's Rug Gallery, Corona Del Mar 
Dynasty Rug International, Inc., Costa Mesa 
Bon Motif, Emeryville 
Trans Native Oriental Rugs, Fremont 
Daniel Bolour Gallery, Inglewood 
Oriental Arug Bazaar, Lodi 
Bolour and Sons, Los Angeles 
Erami, Rugs Los Angeles 
Eshaghian Fine Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
G.A. Gertmenian & Sons, Los Angeles
Jaunty Co./Rugland, Los Angeles 
Jimmy's Rug Gallery, Los Angeles 
M. Mehraban Rug Gallery, Los Angeles 
Mehraban Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Orient Express Rug Co. Ltd., Los Angeles
Kabul Oriental Rugs, Monterey 
Pamir Rugs and Kilims, Monterey 
Rasul Oriental Rugs, Oakland 
Pacific Rug Gallery, Pacific Grove 
Designer's Rug Resource, Pacific Palisades 
Jamil Oriental Carpets, Palo Alto 
Medallion Rug Gallery, Palo Alto 
The Rug Center, Palo Alto 
Endless Knot Rug Co., Petaluma 
Carpet Weavers, Rancho Dominguez 
Henry Gertmenian Co., San Francisco 
Jalili International, San Francisco 
Pak Oriental Rugs, San Francisco 
Silcarpet International, Inc., San Francisco 
Martinous Oriental Rug Gallery, San Jose 
L'Artisanat, Santa Cruz

Michael Phillips Antique Oriental Rugs, Longmont

General Resource Corp., Stamford 
Crown Oriental Rugs, Inc., Westport

Marcella Fine Rugs, Atlanta 
Amiran: A Division Of Trade Am, Norcross (Atlanta)

Mark's Oriental Rugs, Overland Park

Asmara, Boston

Pardes Trading, Inc., Livingston 
Rugs and Art, Inc., Paramus 
Nourison, Saddle Brook
Aminco, Inc., Secaucus 
The Armenian Collection, Secaucus 
Amir Aziz & Son, Inc., Secaucus 
Jerry H. Aziz Oriental Rugs, Secaucus 
Bashian Bros., Inc., Secaucus 
Eastern Oriental Rugs, Secaucus 
Global Rug Corp., Secaucus 
Kashandia Carpet Corp., Secaucus 
Kashmarian Oriental Rugs, Secaucus 
Lotfy & Sons, Inc., Secaucus 
Masterlooms, Inc., Secaucus 
Mer Corp., Secaucus
Mostafa Oriental Rugs, Secaucus 
Nassar Rahmanan, Secaucus 
Noonoo Rug Co., Inc., Secaucus 
Pakam Oriental Rugs Inc., Secaucus 
Par-Inco, Secaucus 
Romani, Inc., Secaucus 
Samad Brothers, Inc., Secaucus 
Soleimani Rug Co., Secaucus 
Trans Orient, Inc./Fazeli, Secaucus 
Yedid Dardashti, Secaucus 
Kas Oriental Rugs, Inc., Somerset 
Hagop Asadourian Rug Co., Inc., Tenafly

William Cherkezian & Son, Inc., Tapis International, Albertson
Alfandari & Etessami Oriental Rug Co., Inc., New York 
Anadol Rug Co., New York 
Apadana, New York 
K. Asadourian Rugs Inc., New York 
Asia Minor Carpets, Inc., New York 
Atlas Rug Corp., New York 
Ebrahim Aziz & Sons, New York 
Michael Aziz Oriental Rugs Inc., New York 
Parviz Aziz and Son, New York 
Banilivi & Nabavian Inc., New York 
Banilivy Rug Corp., New York 
Bichoupan Rug Corp., New York 
Bokara Rug Co., Inc., New York 
Chaman Antique Rugs, New York 
Dcc, Inc., New York 
Ebisons Harounian Imports, New York 
Eliko Oriental Rugs, Inc., New York 
Moussa Etessami & Sons Corp., New York 
Farsh International, New York 
Harounian Rugs International Co., New York 
Hassid Oriental Rugs, New York 
Im International, Inc., New York 
Inner Asia Trading Co., New York 
International Ravissant Corp., New York 
Iraj Fine Oriental Rugs Inc., New York
IRTEX International Corp., New York 
Istanbul Grand Bazaar, Inc., New York 
Kalaty Rug Corp., New York 
Kamali Decorative Rug Gallery, New York 
Karim Rug Gallery, New York 
F. Kashanian Rug Corp., New York 
M & M Design International, New York 
Mansour Rahmanan and Co., New York 
Marjan International Corp., New York 
Megerian Brothers Oriental Rugs, Inc., New York 
Michaelian & Kohlberg, Inc., New York 
Abraham Moheban & Son, New York 
Momeni, Inc., New York 
Moosavi Rugs Inc., New York
Moussa Rahmanan and Son, New York
Nabison Oriental Rugs, New York 
Neman International Inc., New York 
Odegard, Inc., New York 
Pande Cameron & Co. of New York Inc., New York 
Pasargad, New York Persian Gallery Co., Inc., New York 
Precious Piles, Inc., New York 
Moussa Rahmanan and Son, New York 
Renaissance Carpet & Tapestries, Inc., New York 
Safavieh Carpets, New York 
Shalom Brothers, Inc., New York 
Siouni Import Export Corp., New York 
Tufenkian Import/Export Ventures Inc., New York 
Dilmaghani & Co., Inc., Scarsdale

Atiyeh International, Ltd., Newberg

Nejad Oriental Rugs, Doylestown 
Woven Legends Inc., Philadelphia

Feizy Import & Export Co., Dallas

Tibet Rug Company, Salt Lake City

Purcell Oriental Rug Company, Ltd., Charlottesville 
CCC International, Lorton

Oriental Rug Gallery, Bellevue

James Cohen Decorative Rugs, London


Oriental Rug Importers Association, Inc.

Oriental Rug Retailers of America, Inc.


Claremont II, Berkeley 
Elmwood Gallery, Berkeley
Emmett Eiland's Oriental Rug, Berkeley
Smithson Oriental Rugs, Berkeley 
Solano Oriental Rug, Berkeley
Parsa Oriental Rugs, Laguna Niguel 
Abraham's Rug Gallery, Los Angeles 
Ahmadi Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Ani Oriental Rug Co., Los Angeles 
Antique Rug Co., Los Angeles 
Ara Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Ariana Rugs & Kilims, Los Angeles 
Beverly Hills Oriental Rug Co., Los Angeles 
Beverly Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Bina Oriental Rugs & Antiques, Los Angeles 
Broadway Rugs, Los Angeles 
Crown Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Daniel Bolour Gallery, Los Angeles 
David's Rug Gallery, Los Angeles 
Eshaghian Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Exclusive Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Hadidi Oriental Rugs, Inc., Los Angeles 
Iran Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Jamal's Rug Collection, Los Angeles 
John Aga Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
John Iloulian Rugs, Los Angeles 
Ken Day Rugs, Los Angeles 
Los Angeles Rug Company, Los Angeles 
Manin Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Mehraban Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Nalbandian Rug & Carpet, Los Angeles 
Neishabouri & Sons Oriental, Los Angeles 
Oriental Rug Market, Los Angeles 
Oriental Rugs & Art, Los Angeles 
Pacific Antique Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Pacific Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Persepolis Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Reza Antique Rugs, Los Angeles 
Rugs, Inc., Los Angeles 
Sion Rug Gallery, Los Angeles 
Tousi Rugs, Inc., Los Angeles 
Warasta Oriental Rugs, Los Angeles 
Marin Oriental Rug House, Mill Valley
Orient Handel, Newport Beach 
Persian Treasure Rugs, Inc., Newport Beach 
Levant Rug Co., Oakland
Claremont Rug Co., Oakland
Hazara Gallery, Oakland 
Rug Palace, Inc., San Diego 
Alexander's Fine Oriental Rug, San Francisco
Floordesigns, Inc., San Francisco 
International Market Gallery, San Francisco 
Jalili International, Inc., San Francisco
Nomadic Arts, Inc., San Francisco 
Omid Oriental Rugs, San Francisco
Peter Pap Oriental Rugs, Inc., San Francisco 
Royal Rugs, Inc., San Francisco
Soraya Oriental Rugs, San Francisco
Taraval Oriental Rugs Discount, San Francisco 
Tony Kitz Oriental Carpets, San Francisco
Jack and Marie Gallery, San Mateo

Oriental Rugs at Ranjna's, Groton 
Yervant Oriental Rugs and Fine Furniture, Orange 
Aladdin Oriental Rugs, Inc., Riverside

Habib Oriental Rugs, Inc., Coral Gables 
Odabashian Oriental Rugs, Dania 
Odabashian Oriental Rugs, Fort Lauderdale 
Antique Oriental Rug Buyers, Miami
Azhar's Oriental Rugs, Miami
Cesar's Palace Oriental Rug, Miami
Faith Oriental Rugs, Miami
Iraj Oriental Rug, Inc., Miami
Oriental Rug International, Miami
Oriental Rugs Center, Miami
Gables Oriental Rugs, South Miami

Al-Sahara Oriental Rugs Ltd., Chicago
Beloian Oriental Rug Company, Chicago 
Caspian Oriental Rugs, Chicago
Rita Oriental Rugs, Chicago
Sultan Oriental Rugs, Chicago
Vahabi Antique Carpets, Chicago 
Apelian Carpets & Orientals, Evanston 
Cyrus Oriental Rug, Inc., Evanston
Connoisseur Oriental Rugs, Evanston
Minasian Oriental Rugs, Evanston
Omar Oriental Rugs, Evanston 
Rouzati Oriental Rugs, Inc., Evanston
Job Youshaei Rug Co., Highland Park
Winston's Oriental Rugs, Arlington 
Delanjian Oriental Rugs, Belmont 
Fine Arts Rug, Inc., Brookline 
Shiraz Oriental Rugs, Brookline 
Newton Oriental Rugs, Burlington 
Newton Oriental Rugs, Needham 
Newton Oriental Rugs, Newton 
Arthur T. Gregorian, Inc., Newton Lower Falls

Capital Carpet Center, Paramus 
Rug Wash, Secaucus

Ahdoot Oriental Rugs, New York 
Ali Oriental Rugs, New York 
Assad Oriental Rugs, New York 
Aziz Khosrow Oriental Rug Co., New York 
Baseer Oriental Rugs, New York 
Bella Oriental Rugs & Antiques, New York 
Bokara Oriental Rugs, New York 
Chafiian Oriental Rugs, New York 
Crown Oriental Rugs, New York 
Danial Ilian Oriental Rugs, New York 
Davitian Oriental Rugs, New York 
Dil Albert Oriental Rugs, New York 
Eastern Oriental Rug, Inc., New York 
Etaat Oriental Rugs, New York 
Eurasian Oriental Rugs & Co., New York 
Firdous Oriental Rugs, Inc., New York 
Firouz Oriental Rugs, New York 
Gabbayan Oriental Rugs, New York 
Hakim Oriental Rugs, New York 
Harry Ekizian Oriental Rugs, New York 
Hassid Oriental Rugs, New York 
Iraj Fine Oriental Rugs, Inc., New York 
J & D Oriental Rugs Co., New York 
J. Harounian Oriental Rug Center, New York 
Kamali Oriental Rugs, New York 
Kermanshah Oriental Rugs, New York 
Khaledi Oriental Rugs, Inc., New York 
Markarian Krikor Oriental Rugs, New York 
Michael Aziz Oriental Rugs, Inc., New York 
Michael Livian Oriental Rugs, New York 
Moosavi Oriental Rugs, New York
Murat Oriental Rug Co., New York 
Myco Oriental Rugs, Inc., New York 
Qaisar Oriental Rugs, New York 
Rahimi Oriental Rugs, New York 
Rahmanan Oriental Rugs, New York 
Sanli Oriental Rug, New York 
Scheharzade, New York 
Shafaat Oriental Rugs, New York 
Soheil Oriental Rugs, New York 
Sohrab Oriental Rug, New York 
Tribal Concepts, Inc., New York 
Zahedinia Oriental Rugs, New York

Dobbnins Oriental Rug Shop, Philadelphia

Steven's Oriental Rugs Inc., East Greenwich 
Steven's Oriental Rugs and Furnishings, Inc., Providence

Peter Bruce Oriental Rugs, Collierville

Abstract Art/Ancestral Visions, Alexandria

Suri Persian & Oriental Rugs, Brookfield 
Noure's Oriental Rug Gallery, Lake Geneva
Abc Carpets & Oriental Rugs, Milwaukee
Amini Oriental Rugs Ltd., Milwaukee 
Barsamian Oriental Rugs, Milwaukee
Paul Bogosian Carpets, Milwaukee

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