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The classic Villa Rica Atlanta homes are the town homes of Georgetown, Chevy Chase, Foxhall, Cleveland Park, and other neighborhoods. Polished hardwood floorboards draped in silk area rugs are a key element in these homes. 

Get the same high style, high-quality look by choosing an area rug as the starting point of your room design. 

The right rug adds a splash of color, style, and interest. Vivid blues, reds, and greens or muted colors in subtle patterns can be the foundational element of your décor. Choose a color from your rug as the main color to feature in your furniture or paint choices, or select a color from the rug to repeat throughout the room as an accent.

Area rugs give a room character because they evoke their country of origin. A silk rug from Indian can mentally transport the viewer to Mumbai, the capital of India, or the Taj Mahal, an Indian architectural masterpiece. These rugs can even call to mind the festival of Holi, an exuberant celebration of spring that is famous for the colored, perfumed powders that people use during the festival.

Consider displaying rugs on your wall, as artwork. Mount sturdy rugs for display using Velcro fasteners. Hang delicate rugs on wooden frames or mount them on mat boards.Find inspiration for decorating your home by exploring how rugs are displayed in museums and by looking at the variety of rugs offered by rug galleries. View the collection of 10,000 rugs available at Medallion Rug Gallery at, to discover the possibilities.

Area rugs are a good investment because demand for Persian, Egyptian, and Indian area rugs is high among knowledgeable and wealthy collectors. In June 2013, the Corcoran Gallery of Art netted millions of dollars by selling its treasured collection of 25 rugs through the world renowned Sotheby’s auction house. Most rugs sold for twice the price that Sotheby’s expected. 

Make your rug purchase count by thinking carefully about your decorating plans and budget and by shopping at reputable gallery with a great selection. Find a gallery that offers a large enough selection to let you find the perfect color and style for your home.

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