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As the Chargers start their season, many people in Tucker Atlanta are gearing up for their own season, remodeling season. It usually strikes in the Fall and depending on the schedule can be over with long before Winter.

If you are planning on remodeling this year, you might consider adding an area rug to the list of furnishings that will make up the home that you are updating. Area rugs are one of the most value-added home furnishings that you can possibly select.

The reason is that they are durable and they retain their value as they age when they are properly taken care of. In many cases, it is not strange to see Indian area rugslast for over 100 years. In addition, because they are handmade, the market value for them remains higher than that of machine made rugs as time goes on.

Finding a good place to buy rugs has also become quite simple as the internet is available around the clock. Medallion Rug Gallery of Palo Alto has taken a lead in selling silk area rugs and Persian rugs around the United States. After 35 years of being in business, the owners have put together a network of artisans within Asia who produce some of the finest rugs in the world in terms of quality.

They then import the rugs and put them for sale at prices that are very competitive compared to many rugs in the same quality category. Most people that visit the site are surprised at how affordable the rugs actually are and then find out that their impression is reinforced by visiting a different rug dealer's site and finding much higher prices.

In addition to providing great prices and high quality, Medallion offers free shipping on all rugs purchased online. This means that you are actually going to have a lower overall acquisition cost than you would have if you went out and started shopping locally.

Medallion's inventory is another reason that designers and homeowners frequently visit their site. They have close to 40 million dollars worth of rugs online and available to browse. This typically means that whatever your room style, you will find something that will blend in well with the motif or design that you have planned.

And if you are unsure of what to by from a value standpoint, their sales staff and online buying guide can be very useful in bringing you up-to-speed quickly on the types of things that make a difference when you are looking for rugs.

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