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Sunny Side Atlanta is heavily influenced by Native American, Mexican, Mediterranean and nature themed styles. The types of homes in Atlanta are beautifully designed to adopt the adobe and Mediterranean themed houses not just for their beauty, but also out of the necessity of desert living. 

Homes are often times furnished with evaporative coolers and cool tile floors. Decorum heavily features western colors, cactus themes and terracotta pottery. These styles highly favor natural looks that are accentuated best with contemporary and traditionalarea rugs. Area rugs are essential in many of Tucson’s tiled homes during the winter and summer nights where warm daytime weather can easily drop into freezing temperatures.

The look and elegance of an area rug can go perfectly with the designs of a south western household. Both Indian area rugs and silk area rugs blend well with the naturalistic hues and patterns found throughout rooms that are decorated with typical designs found in Arizona based Native American tribes of the ancient Aztec and modern day Tohono O’odham. Indian area rugs and silk area rugs also look fantastic mixed in with Mexican and Mediterranean themes that are typical of Spanish adobe houses.

Handmade rugs are all unique and should be patiently selected with care. It can be difficult to search for in a store where you may need to ask for assistance for a closer look. When you search online you have the advantage of technology to ensure that you can look at thousands of designs in the comfort of your own chair. It is also convenient to shop among different styles while you are at home so that you can compare to colors and textures to each room.

The Medallion Rug Gallery has a large online assortment of handmade rugs that can complement any look. Much of their inventory has regular sales and discounts so that you can afford to invest in a fine piece of rug art that will increase in value as they for years to come. The Medallion Rug Gallery is based out of Palo Alto California so they have an in-depth understanding of southwestern styles. They also carry many fine collectable rugs that are imported from all over the world.

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