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Stone Mountain Atlanta is a focal point for the home furnishings industry in the States. It stands to reason that our company, Medallion Rug Gallery should have a strong Internet presence in the community. As the leading retailer of Indian area rugsand other unique decorator carpets, we have been welcomed by the community of decorators and fashion conscious home owners.

Unusual area rugs are the perfect accessory to any space. The silk area rugs from Central Asia are particularly popular, as the detailed patterns and colors used are truly expressive. They have historical relevance in that they were created in the same fashion and with the same attention to detail and tradition as carpets made centuries ago. 

The owners of our company also have a long history in carpets. They have long standing relationships with many of the ancient weaving artisans that produce theseIndian area rugs. While many of the finest rugs are in fact hand made in India, their are many notable example of that art form available that were produced in other areas of the east. Each region has their own style and unique patterns, many of which have been passed down for generations. These antique area rugs have increased in value over the years and remain in near perfect condition.

Many of the very unique rugs have are displayed as wall art and are used in that manner by decorators as points of interest in a home or commercial setting. They are dramatic representation of the capability and talent of their creators. Our company has over 10,000 rugs in our inventory that present incredible decorating potential.

While our online selections are arranged so that they are an easy shopping experience, we understand how difficult it may be to find the perfect silk area rugs for your home. To simplify the procedure, realizing how important it is to see your selection in its natural home setting, we allow our customers to examine our rugs in their intimate home setting. That's the reason we allow free home trials. If it is not perfect, simply return it at no cost or obligation.

We ship our carpets free and offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Our galley offers prices that are 50 to 80 percent lower than retail. It's no wonder our products are so well received. In addition, our new customers are urged to fill out the attached form to qualify for an additional 15% discount.

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