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Incorporating Indian area rugs in your décor can be a wise investment. Whether you are looking for an area rug to provide warmth and color to a room during the coldSnellville Atlanta winter or a collectible piece to showcase, there are several key considerations for buyers.

Usage. Before purchasing an area rug consider the type of use it will undergo. Will it be in a high use area where food could get spilled on it while watching Atlanta Falcons or Thrashers games? Is there a chance that road salt could get tracked on to it? If this is the case you will need a rug that can hold up to stain removal. Handmade area rugsthat are made from wool tends to be more durable. Silk area rugs are better located in areas with less traffic or used for display only.

Size, color and shape. Another consideration before you go shopping is the size and shape of rug that you need. Take measurements of where you are going to place the rug. Consider the placement of furniture and how the rug will interact with these pieces. The colors and design of area rugs are also important. Classic designs tend to hold their value better over time.

Quality. Buyers will want to consider the fineness of the weave, the quality of the wool or other fibers, and the fastness of the dyes. 

Age and Condition. When shopping for handmade rugs, buyers should be familiar with terms describing the age and condition. Condition classifications are fine, average and worn. Fine rugs will be in excellent condition, average rugs may require some minor repairs and worn rugs may have discoloration, fading or other damage.

There are three major age categories for handmade rugs: antique, semi-antique and contemporary. Rugs older than 60 years are considered antiques, rugs 25 to 60 years old are semi-antique, and anything younger than 25 years is classified as contemporary.

When shopping for a handmade rug an ideal option for Snellville Atlanta residents isMedallion Rug Gallery, which offers an extensive selection and 35 years of experience in the market. Medallion Rug Gallery offers handmade rugs from around the world in a wide range of sizes and colors. Plus they offer free shipping in the USA and no obligation in-home trials so that you can be sure your selection is the right investment for you.

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