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There are many Mediterranean style homes in Smyrna Atlanta nestled within lush tropical landscaping. Interior design styles in Florida are a perfect blend between Spanish, tropical and southern charm. The homes in among the beach and bay area can vary considerably amongst sophisticated and upscale establishments that balance sleek modern elegance with a relaxed ocean living lifestyle.

The humidity in Florida makes tiled homes a desirable and common feature. Homeowners love to decorate rooms with area rugs to add a sense of balance between the visual and comfort aspects of a room. Area rugs are highly versatile and can complement a room perfectly. 

When choosing an area rug you will need to determine first what colors and sizes would complement your room the best. They come in so many different shapes and sizes that the variances of dramatic flair can be unlimited when combined with colors and patterns. There are also different themes and textures to take into consideration. Contemporary, modern, and traditional are some of the most popular types. 

Contemporary and modern style focuses on shapes, patterns, and bolder contrasts in colors. Indian area rugs tend to be based on the styles that first originated out of India that has become a one of the most familiar and traditional rug choices adopted worldwide.

Texture and sheen is another important consideration when choosing what styles suits your home the best. A more traditional Florida home that favors antiques may look best with Indian area rugs. Modern and contemporary homes may opt for the sleek and minimalistic contemporary patterns. Homes that lean more towards southern styles may favor the vibrancy of richer colors found in silk area rugs.

Finding the best design is extremely important because a rug is an extension of art that makes a room no matter what style home you have. Nothing can give you a sense of pride to the interior design of your home like a handmade rug can. The Medallion Rug Gallery has one of the largest inventories of online rugs. In fact, fine high quality handmade rugs is their only specialty. When you shop at the Medallion Rug Galleryyou know you are looking at some of the finest selections of rugs from all over the world.

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