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Traditional Indian area rugs add a flavor of the exotic to the home. The handmade carpets are made from fine wool and silk, delivering the ultimate in household decor that will complete a theme of eastern mystique, or simply enhance the contemporary feel of the room. Imagine sitting with guests in a room, and seeing their admiring gaze drawn to the designer geometric patterns as they blend with ivory and gold colored leaf and flower. The hand-knotted fabric is exquisite to touch, a joy to walk on barefoot.

The decor of any proud house owner is instantly enhanced by the presence of an area rug from Medallion Rug Gallery. It's neither boastful nor empty exaggeration to say that we have a collection of area rugs second to none. Our online store offers discerning Sandy Springs Atlanta shoppers a near unlimited choice of elegant silk area rugs. The exotic floor coverings sit, pride of place, near the hearth, by a coffee table or simply stretch across the open space of a family room. 

Close to the cosmopolitan world center of New York, the metropolis of Manhattan easily within reach, families of Brooklyn are well aware of the world beyond the horizon, a world of culture and distant countries full of diverse, artistic styles. They come online in search of decor that is lovingly designed by distant artisans. They purchase rugs and silk coverings rich in the subtle designs of Indian culture, handmade from local fabrics. These traditional pieces tell stories of a world where the elephant walks and where the cow is considered holy. The enchanting patterns curve into thin, geometric patterns and bring a room to life with the craftsmanship and aesthetics of a beautiful land from far over the horizon.

With our online collection, in excess of 10,000 area rugs, each unique in design, we offer a choice for all tastes. The patterns are each as unique as individual snowflakes or the wings of a butterfly. Our online store is a pleasure to browse through, displaying clear images of the Indian rugs to look at in exacting detail. We often have sales to bring even greater deals to our faithful shoppers, and ensure each customer is fully satisfied with their purchase, confident of their return for future area rug purchases. Hand-woven rugs are our specialty and we carry artisan designed pieces of the very best design at the most affordable prices.

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