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Finding their ways into homes, enhancing the decor of rooms with unique, aged appeal,Indian area rugs bring a taste of the Far East to any floor. The handmade excellence of these area rugs conjure forth images of Calcutta and Mumbai, of exotically flavored spices. Silk area rugs are richly textured and delicately woven to encompass a host of colors made from the finest dyes. 

There's a reason these rugs from distant India are so highly sought after, and the aesthetic appeal of the rug is only part of that reason. Luxurious wool and opulent silks massage the barefoot and offer the softest, silkiest treat to the touch. However, these rugs are designed to be showcased, to take pride of place by the hearth, next to a coffee table or close to a sofa. Bound to become conversation starters, the area rug is hand woven with intricate patterns. There's a sense of storytelling, of subtle pictures woven into the design, offering a glimpse into a time of colonial influences and cultural motifs. A design purist could easily get lost in contemplation of the patterns, following the renderings of saffron colored lotus flowers and rose blossoms that interweave with stylized representations of palaces.

The artisans responsible for these skillfully handmade rugs work ceaselessly to weave gold accents and silk brocades, symbolically empathizing the meeting of East and West. The singular skill of each craftsman is tuned to creating something that will inspire appreciation and here, at Medallion Rug Gallery, we've dedicated our resources to building the finest collection of Eastern rugs available. The online shopper can easily browse that collection, looking through our intuitively laid out pages for the ideal rug to occupy a room themed with Indian decor. Of course, for those of us with contemporary decor, an Indian rug provides a superb accent of color, Eastern design, and handmade allure.

Well versed in the American way, and rooted in old world culture, folks in Powder Springs Atlanta hit the road every weekend in search of antique furniture. They appreciate handmade work and seek to place a stylish area rug in a proudly decorated room. Our comprehensive online collection allows shoppers to browse from the comfort of their home. Savings are available, tailored for shoppers on any budget, and delivery is free. Just imagine that new rug sitting in a family room or master bedroom. It brings completion to any room, blending modern American contemporary design with the allure of faraway Eastern India.

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