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Area rugs come in numerous sizes, colors and styles, so many that it may be overwhelming when it comes down to choosing one for your home or office. Ornamental yet functional, a piece such as this can make quite a style statement in the room it is chosen to be placed and it can also add some dimension to a dull room or area. 

Try to choose a color that works with your furniture. If you have simple-clean cut styled furniture and not much of it in a room, perhaps going with a small pattern which is combined in a particularly complex fashion could work. In a room that is heavily populated with furniture sometimes the blues and greens of the cooler color spectrum work better so the rug has a chance to be in focus. If you have a perfect mixture of colors in a room, usually unbiased earth tones work well so you can avoid too much color jumbles. Indian area rugs have some magnificent coloring and seem to stand for India’s vivid history. When you receive your piece and are unsure of how it looks, just keep working with it until you come up with placement which you enjoy (they are simple enough to move).

Once you have chosen the design then you want to determine if the rug will be the room’s main focus and if so you should consider going with an assertive, bright and distinct area rug, perhaps consider a rectangle shape for making a statement. 

Another factor in choosing a rug is to select one in which you can actually maintain easily. Some can be cleaned yourself while others must be cleaned professionally. However there are some practices you can do to maintain your lovely piece. As you choose a placement, try to find a place which avoids any direct sunlight as this can cause fading. If it is impossible to avoid sunlight, consider getting some inexpensive blinds to block some light out. 

You should vacuum your rug of course, however not every week as it can cause it to wear out quickly. Consider using a lightweight vacuum to prevent accidentally stretching out the fibers, however if you only have a powerful vacuum with a nice sized suction hose, try and use it with the nozzle attached so it handles it more gently. Washing it is important but usually this is done about every three years or so and of course it depends on the rug's environment.

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