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When shoppers search for area rugs in Monticello Atlanta, they generally do not understand important information about the rugs. Understanding how the rugs are designed and where the rug should go can help you make better buying choices. Rugs are woven various ways, and different rugs are best placed in certain locations. No mater what type of fiber or Indian area rugs you choose, consider shopping atMedallion Rug Gallery.

Rugs are made using different techniques. However, the important thing to consider when shopping is the material used to make the rug. Wool is a standard fiber for most rugs. It is a good fiber because it is strong, and it lasts a long time. Wool is a good choice if you want a rug, and you want to place it in a high traffic area. Kids and pets can damaged most other fibers. Although wool is strong, it is also soft. Cleaning the area rug is not challenging; the only minor issue with this fiber is that it may shed, and the color may fade. Consider this when shopping for wool rugs. 

Silk area rugs are also soft, and they have a good sheen. Because of the sheen, the fiber refracts light depending on where you are near the rug. This particular rug is ideal for homes that need to stand out; when people visit, they will notice the silk rug on the floor. A silk rug is very valuable; when a silk rug is made, the silk must be harvested. The process takes a long time. Because of this, the cost of a silk rug is not cheap, but it is worth having because is increases the value of a space. Silk rugs, however, are somewhat tough to clean. 

Cotton is another strong fiber, and it is also soft. Cotton rugs are available in various colors, so many design choices are available. Because the fiber has a great backing, the rug will hold its place on the floor. Cleaning this type of rug is simple because it is machine washable depending on the size. Washing will be required because cotton rugs get dusty easy.

There also fibers that are good for the environment, such as grass fibers. The fibers are extracted from plants, and the fibers are very strong. These rugs are made without any chemicals that are harsh. When compared to other rugs, grass fibers are the strongest. The rug, however, is not soft, and it will stain easy.

There are also rugs that are made from synthetic materials, such as nylon and acrylic materials. These particular rugs are ideal for kids and pets because they are resistant to stains. However, this type of rug should not go under furniture because it will damage the fiber.

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