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Even the most elegantly furnished rooms are not complete without an area rug. Here atMedallion Rug Gallery, we provide the perfect solution. Our online store offers a wide variety of styles, fit for any room and taste. Each rug is handwoven, with patterns and colors that stand out with uniqueness, and a level of luxury that our gallery demands. The creation of handmade rugs date back for centuries, with a rich and dynamic history in the art of weaving. Indian area rugs are renowned for their valuable and meticulous qualities, and now, they are available to order from our online store! 

In Marble Hill Atlanta, any style home can be enriched by one of our pieces. We offer wool, cotton, and silk area rugs, in a variety of styles, shapes, knots, and weaves. We at Medallion have been experts of handmade area rugs for over 30 years, offering beauty, craftsmanship, and unparalleled quality to its customers. Handmade rugs are pieces of art; each one unique and special, and crafted with the utmost care. 

Our online store offers a wide selection of area rugs in different sizes and shapes to fit any room. Circle, square, rectangle, and oval rugs are available, as well as runners.

Medallion offers a vast selection of inventory, with a no-obligation, "Try Before You Buy" policy. This will give you the piece of mind you need, and help you on your way to picking the perfect area rug for your home. Take care of your handmade rug, and it can be a treasure passed down from generation to generation. Its unique design and outstanding quality craftsmanship can help these pieces of art to grow in value over the years, making it a true investment for your home. 

Shop on our online store, and look through our growing selection. We will answer any questions you may have, deliver the handmade rug to your home, and help you place it in the room of your choice. We are here for our clients, and we have Gallery Rug Consultants available to assist you with any questions you may have along the way. Let Medallion help you find the perfect match. 

We take pride in our selection of quality rugs, and it is our goal for our clients to have the best experience when shopping with us. Our rugs have been showcased in Architectural Digest and Gentry Magazine, and have been used by interior designers to add the perfect touch to any home and business.

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