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Everyone wants a home in which they can be proud of to greet their guests. An important aspect of a home is that it can tell a lot about the person(s) who resides there. The furnishings in your home indicate what you are about. Your style will indicate if you have a sense of humor, your likes and dislikes, do you like extreme vibrant color or cool light shades? 

The good thing about furnishings is that you can change them whenever you wish. You can change lampshades, move some chairs around and add an area rug. These pieces are classic and go well with many different styles of furnishings. Of course the piece of which you choose will depend on the room it will be placed in. These timeless pieces can easily draw attention to a particular part of a room. Indian area rugs work well for this as these are often art pieces themselves (you can even hang these on a wall). 

Some common places to position these area rugs are in the front of a fireplace or in the dining room. These pieces are available in several shapes such as round shaped to rectangular sized with complex patterns. Many also are available in hexagonal and octagonal sizes so you can definitely let your creative ideas flow! Some rugs are available that fit wall to wall. Usually one would think that your rug must match the walls in the room but with a rug such as this, in which you have a variety of colors and patterns, these pieces give you a chance to experiment. These rugs will provide warmth (by choosing deeper or darker colors) to any room and their designs pretty much work with all décor. Some of these lovely pieces have fringe around its edges and it can often add a nice touch. 

When purchasing on-line you must first determine your budget. Handmade rugs can be more expensive but they will last a lifetime. Also be sure the website will offer a simple way to return the rug if you discover that it simply does not work in your home or office. You also may want to consider purchasing a rug pad under the piece, even if you are placing it on wall to wall carpets. An area rug pad can prevent anyone from slipping, it will keep the piece in place and can often prolong the life and condition of the rug.

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