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An area rug is a large and often heavy rug that is designed to cover a bare floor space. They were common before the invention of wall to wall carpeting and remain a popular way to decorate hardwood and tiled surfaces in a living area. Some area rugsare antique and come from some of the most exotic locations on earth.

Traditional Indian area rugs are easier to buy than ever, thanks to Internet shopping provided by Medallion Rug Gallery. The basic idea is taking an exceptional collection put together by professionals and selling it over the Web. The difference is this service is not a small shop or private collection but a large company with tens of thousands of rugs to choose from. These rugs literally come from all places and eras.

A person living in Johns Creek Atlanta does not have to travel extensively to find prized pieces. One of the largest and most prized collections in North America is open to all buyers as an open market. Showcase pieces are valued at over three thousand dollars. There are cheaper rugs available for purchase, but they are still made by authentic manufacturers in far flung parts of the world.

By manufacturers, it is not meant shoddy factories but real craftsmanship. Many rugs are still produced by hands by local tradespersons. While these handmade rugs are relatively cheap in their indigenous market, they are commodities in the West and are worth hundreds of dollars to collectors. The good news is that scale and merchandising have made these luxury goods affordable and extremely easy to access.

Shopping from a large selection makes it easy to find the right pattern as well as a good price. Visiting small brokers or shows can be difficult, both because of travel expenses and also because of the challenge of finding a good deal. Very few people have the knowledge of an appraiser.

A large online outlet allows easy comparison of the full length of each area rug. Looking at online pictures is much easier than having to unroll each rug and stare at something that might be ten feet long or more. High resolution pictures give clues to condition and quality. Most area rugs are priced aptly for their age and origin, and price comparison is very easy on the Internet. Most rugs offered by this one site are discounts compared to the competition.

Silk area rugs are exquisite, expensive, and are also durable because of the intrinsic strength of silk thread. These were the finest and brightest rugs before the invention of nylon, and collectors prize silk area rugs for their scarcity and high market value. The opportunity to buy imported silk is one of the best opportunities this website has to offer.

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