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Hampton Atlanta is finally coming into its own as one of the top Southern California cities to realize its potential. With a great location, homeowners have been spending more time remodeling and upgrading their homes over the past year or two in order to keep in tune with the times.

As the Fall season approaches, aside from getting ready for Chargers football, you may be planning to change some rooms around in your house or update your furnishings. If you are, you should probably consider adding an area rug when it comes to looking at the flooring. Area rugs can be one of the most value-added pieces of decor that you can add to your home.

Beyond just the value that they offer, area rugs are also often better for the environment that you put them into. If you have pets or are concerned about allergens and dust, you know that going with wood flooring or tile or marble is preferable to wall-to-wall carpeting. And yet, when Fall turns to Winter and you are tip-toeing out to the kitchen in the middle of the night, it is never that much fun to feel the coldness underneath your feet. A rug can change that quickly and also provide you with a work of art that your family and guests will comment about for decades.

Decades because most Indian area rugs or silk area rugs are handwoven and will last for several decades with the proper care. 

Can they become collectibles? Definitely. It isn't uncommon to see rugs that are hundreds of years old go on the market in very fine condition. In fact, the oldest rug in the world was found in a tomb in Asia in good condition after 2500 years. The patterns were still discernible on it.

Of course, you won't plan to keep your rug that long, but if you choose one that you like, you can pass it on to your children and so on. 

Once you decide to get a rug, you will want to find a dealer that can provide you with a large selection to choose from. One of the top dealers in the United States, Medallion Rug Gallery is located just up the coast in Palo Alto and offers free shipping on all rugs that are purchased online. That means that instead of driving for two or three hours in North County or Orange County to find a decent dealer, you can relax at home after work and look through the inventory online without spending more money to purchase a rug. So if you are in the market for a rug, consider visiting Medallion online

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