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The Medallion Rug Gallery is one place you are bound to visit in Fayetteville Atlanta if you are a lover of rugs. Whether you are interested in regular area rugs,Indian area rugs or silk rugs. It's important to understand how to handle and care for them so that they last for years. 

Silk rugs are much different than your regular area rug, they tend to need tender loving care. Silk rugs offer a unique elegance to any home, making them very much worth the attention. The natural and delicate fibers requires a unique approach to cleaning. Even though silk has been known to be resilient, it is still considered to be a fiber that should be handled with care. 

Keeping a silk rug clean means that the room that it's in must get seldom use. Many silk rug owners tend to hang their rugs on the wall instead of placing them on the floor. Of course, it may be difficult to avoid dirt and dust, which is why removing dust and debris can easily be swept with a broom. It's important to address the dirt as soon as possible because debris tends to settle inside of the silk rug. 

If you are unfortunate enough to experience stains on your silk rug, it's imperative that you clean them up immediately. Allowing the stains to settle can make stain removal extremely difficult. Silk rug owners can take a spoon and scoop up solid spills. Focus on not scraping the rug because scraps of any kind can can possibly tear the fibers.When it comes to Liquid spills, a gentle press with a clean, soft cloth can absorb the spill making it easier to clean. Once the spills have been soaked up, one can use a gentle cleaner to remove any sort of stain left behind.

Medallion Rug Gallery advises that silk rug owners avoid using any type of heat or chemicals.Any type of heat source should never be utilized on your silk rug. The heat alone can and will damage the fibers. It's always smart to use lukewarm and or cool water to treat your silk rug. Be sure to use cleaners that are specifically made for silk rugs only. Harsh chemicals will ruin your rug by fading the colors and or leaving small holes. 

If you are unsure how dirty your silk rug just might be, it may be a good idea to have an overall cleaning. Hire on a professional to safely clean your rug. Be sure to talk with them about the solutions they use and their overall cleaning procedures. 

Adding silk area rugs to your home can be a wonderful investment. To protect your investment you should take care of your silk rug by limiting the use, as well as making sure it has a regular cleaning schedule.

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