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You are here because you are looking to zest up your home or workplace, but are frustrated with the floor furnishings at your local retailer. We have all been there before...looking for and buying area rugs that just do not fit your taste or the style of your home or work area. You have been wanting to get a beautiful, hand-woven rug that has gorgeous colors and patterns but you just can not seem to find one that is affordable and practical.

Here at Medallion Rug Gallery we have exactly what you are looking for in an area rug. Our gallery has been around for nearly 35 years and is family owned and operated in Palo Alto, California. The owner, Amir Amidi , specializes providing rugs from the near and far east regions of the world including areas in India, China, Pakistan and Iran.

We have in stock hundred's of different area rugs ranging from Indian area rugs that are contemporary or traditional or perhaps maybe you desire something in the range ofsilk area rugs that are equally as palatable. Our rugs have many different patterns and colors ranging from traditional earth tones to more contemporary and modern color patterns that will match the area you place your rug in.

We also realize one size does not fit all. That is why we offer rugs that rectangular or round; over-sized or small. We want to make sure your rug does not look out of place in your home or place of work, so be sure to look through our gallery to see which size is most suitable for your needs.

Does your area rug need to have some work done to bring back it's vibrancy?

We offer cleaning services as well as restoration and repair work to bring your rug back to life. We can assure you that you will receive the best quality cleaning and repair work for your rug. 

We also offer non-slip pads to put on your rug in your home or work area so you and those around you are protected from slippage as well as accurate appraisals for your insurance needs.

Not living in Palo Alto, California?

We ship to neighboring cities such as Fayette Atlanta as well as nationwide. If you live in the United States we can ship your rug to your doorstep!

So the next time you decide to purchase a unique cultural rug or have one of your favorites cleaned and restored, remember that you will always find the highest quality rugs and the utmost professionalism at Medallion Rug Gallery.

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