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Medallion Rug Gallery is proud to bring handmade Indian area rugs to the Ellenwood Atlanta area. The rugs have been selected by Medallion's experts from collections spanning the entire globe. We have built our reputation organically. People who live in and around Palo Alto have come to think of Medallion as the premier location for exotic handmade rugs. These rugs become part of our customers' homes. They inform the character of people's daily lives. We keep these things in mind as we go about choosing the rugs that will go on display in our showrooms. This is why people have come to trust our taste and ethics so deeply.

Something else that we are able to offer our loyal customers is the lowest prices on the market. Hand-woven area rugs are often incredibly expensive. The cost of an Indianarea rug from any source could be justified; the talented people who devote their lives to making these beautiful rugs deserve to be paid well for their time and efforts. The high-quality materials are worth additional costs. However, many retailers tack on their own fees, making these rugs even more expensive. We do everything in our power to make the rugs as affordable as possible. We want to share these beautiful pieces with the Palo Alto community.

First-time customers might not know that silk area rugs come in all shapes and sizes. No house or apartment is too small for the addition of one of our rugs. This is why we allow customers to take rugs home for a short time before they are obligated to pay for them. We want people to be sure that they are making the right choices for their homes. More importantly, we want our customers to know that we are committed to serving our clientele. 

We make the process of installing a rug incredibly easy. We deliver the rugs ourselves, and we put them on display with your input. We allow our customers to exchange rugs at any time, and many of our loyal patrons have rotated through an impressive array of decorative pieces. 

Handmade Indian rugs often become family heirlooms. Wool rugs are suitable for typical foot traffic, but silk ones are often hung or kept away from areas where people walk frequently. We can help first-time customers decide which rugs are the best for them and where they should be placed. Most of our rugs are square or rectangular and are meant to cover entire floor spaces.

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