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The direction which the pile of the rug faces.

Nasser-e Din Shah
The Iranian king (1848-1896) of Qajar Dynasty who stopped the use of aniline dyes, which were not colorfast. The Qajar Dynasty was established by Agha Mohammad Khan in 1794 and ended with Ahmad Shah, the last ruler of Qajar Dynasty, in 1925.

Natural Dyes
Until the late nineteenth century only natural dyes were used for coloring weaving yarns. Natural dyes include plant dyes, animal dyes, and mineral dyes.

A revival of ancient Greek and Roman styles in art and architecture in the 18thand 19th centuries, which was characterized by order, symmetry and simplicity.

Nepal is located in South Asia. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. Important weaving centers in Nepal include Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Patan. Today, Nepal is among the major rug exporters to Europe.

Nomadic Rugs
Rugs woven by sheepherders who mostly live in tents and migrate from the valleys to the mountain pastures in the summer. These rugs are generally small because the rugs must be finished in time for migration.

Tribal people who are mainly sheepherders, live in tents, and migrate from the valleys to the mountain pastures in the summer.

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