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Patterns created with straight lines.

Georgia is located in Southwest Asia. Georgia gained its independence from the ex-Soviet Union in 1991. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Georgia is near the Caucasus Mountains. That is the reason the styles which have originated from this area are called Caucasian. There is still a market for the older Caucasian rugs; however, since the new productions have not adapted their colors and designs to the Western taste, they are now produced on a smaller scale.

Gul, Gol (Persian for "flower, rose")
A motif in the shape of an octagon used in Turkoman rugs. Usually, one gul is repeated in an all-over layout.

Gul Farangi
A design consisting of all-over repeating naturalistic roses.

Gul Hannai
The henna flower used as a motif mainly in Persian rugs such as Farahan and Joshaghan. This motif could be used in an all-over or medallion layout. Sometimes it is arranged in a diamond format as seen in Joshaghan rugs.

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