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Background color
The dominant color in the background of the rug. The most widely used background colors are red, blue, beige, and yellow. These colors range in all shades and hues.

Border color
The dominant color in the border of the rug. Major border colors are red, blue, beige, yellow, and green. These colors range in all shades and hues.

Boteh (Persian for "bush")
A pear-shaped figure usually used in the field of an all-over repeat layout. There are many versions of boteh from geometric to curvilinear and simple to complex. Boteh has been thought to symbolize a leaf, a bush, a flame, or a pinecone.

The reddish wood of certain tropical trees or shrubs in the pea family, especially a Brazilian tree (Caesalpinia echinata) whose wood is used for violin bows and is a source of red, purple, and black dye used in early Chinese rugs.

British Imperial System
Unit of measurement based on foot and inch used in the United States and England. Every foot is equal to 12 inches and 30.48 centimeters or approximately .30 meters.

A form of flat weaving where the foundation is patterned by colored weft strands.

Buddha (563? BC-483? BC) 
An Indian philosopher born in Nepal who developed and taught the doctrines of Buddhism after attaining supreme enlightenment at the age of 35. Also Known as Sakyamuni.

Bulgaria is located in Eastern Europe. The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia. Rug weaving in Bulgaria can go back as far as the sixteenth century. Today Bulgaria has a minor rug-producing industry.

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