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Persian Lilian 8x11

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Woven by Armenians in the Lilian (or Lilihan) village in the Khomeyni (formerly Kamareh) district in Iran, the longer pile appealed to American collectors and thusly this rug is more commonly referred to as the Lilian in the United States, rather than in European countries. Created using the single-wefted Hamadan weave, these rugs are coarsely woven, but tight, making them very durable.

One of the more distinctive features of a Lilian rug is the pink-rose weft foundation, which often shows through in the design. In the 19th century, these rugs were in high-demand, particularly by New York collectors, for their ornate designs and thick, plush pile. Lilian rugs display classical Persian floral motifs, often with detached floral sprays. Lilian rugs are often mistaken for Sarouks in design, but the single weft and plush, coarse structure are unique to this Persian beauty. A contemporary version of its ancestors, this Lilian explores densely designed floral motifs encircling an ornate medallion.
Rug ID: 38016
color: Salmon, Rust, Pale, Blue, Navy, Green, Ivory
shape: Rectangle
Style: Overall
Border Color: Pink
Country: Persian
Material: Wool
Weave: Pile
Fringe: None
Type: Handmade
Age: New Contemporary
Size: 8'8"x11'6"
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