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Tapestry 10x13

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Considered a form of textile art, Tapestries were (and still are) painstakingly woven by hand to great detail meant for wall hangings. Various types of looms can be used to create pieces that vary greatly in appearance including high-warp and low-warp looms. Originally mentioned in ancient Greek and Roman texts, the survival of ancient tapestries is very rare, due to the fragile nature of textiles to elements and preservation.

European tapestry took center stage during the Renaissance (hence the word tapestry being derived from the French language) and the art of tapestry and scenic depiction became intertwined. This semi-antique tapestry depicts a battle scene in great detail. The meticulous weaving produces fine detail so that even facial expressions are clearly visible. Shadow and value in this woven tapestry bring a realism that is stunning for the medium. An elegant, boldly colored coat of arms border plays off the brightly colored battle scene.
Rug ID: 14413
color: Beige, Gold, Ivory, Brown, Blue, Beige, Green. Scarlet, Black, Grey
shape: Rectangle
Style: Overall
Border Color: Green
Country: China
Weave: Pile
Fringe: Cotton
Type: Handmade Knotted
Age: Semi-antique
Size: 10'0"x13'2"
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