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Persian Amoghli 11x18

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Specific to Mashad (Meshad) in Northeastern Iran, Amoghli rugs are named for the master weavers who began to produce high-quality rugs in the early 20th century. The Amoghli workshop Ruby by Abdol Mohammad and Ali Khan is renowned as one of the world's largest rug manufacturers. The Amoghli Persian rugs were admired and commissioned by royalty as palace decor, often so large it filled an entire room.

Often signed by Amoghli, the rugs are created from wool, silk, and/or cotton with recognizable features such as 3-5 centimeter wide blue borders. The high-density weaves displayed innovative patterns of various motifs from nature and geometry. The intricately extensive motifs found on the silk rugs were made specifically to display as art, rather than to be used as a floor covering. This masterpiece is no exception. Created as a custom order for Reza Shah (King of Iran) and woven by Master Weaver Amoghli. It is an honor to have this rug in our collection, as to own this piece is to own a piece of history. Its regality abounds.
Rug ID: 12943
color: Navy, Green, Ivory, Rose, Gold
shape: Rectangle
Style: Medallion
Country: Persian
Material: Wool
Weave: Pile
Fringe: Cotton
Type: Handmade Knotted
Age: Antique
Size: 11'0"x18'4"
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