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Persian Serapi 10x19

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Born in the rugged mountains of Northwest Persia, Serapi rugs are distinctive of the Heriz style with fine knotting and spacious designs of a larger scale than its predecessors. Some of the rarest and most sought after decorative Persian rugs originated in the 19th-century Serapi tradition. The early American White House even displayed a Serapi rug, introducing its interest as a fine decor choice in homes and federal institutions.

The remoteness of Serab presented its own set of challenges which includes marketing the style to a wider audience. Because the rugs were taken to weavers in Serab and sold in markets, the Serapi is not named after its village or tribe of origin as with other Persian rugs. Serapi rugs incorporated elements from a variety of weaving traditions such as bold geometric designs, undoubtedly an influence of caucasian tribal traditions. Because the Serapi is seldom seen after the early twentieth century, they are considered rare and far more collectible than other rugs produced in the area during the same time. This particular antique Serapi is a perfect example of the merging of caucasian tribal geometric influence with the traditional Persian methods. Its Serapi signature design explores the diamond-shaped medallion, floral pendants, and a field covered with traditional floral motifs and intertwining leaves. The scarlet and navy color combination woven together along the border. The two colors have been tastefully woven next to each other, further adding an elegant touch to a beautiful find.
Rug ID: 12926
color: Scarlet, Rust, Navy, Ivory, Light Blue
shape: Rectangle
Country: Persian
Material: Wool
Weave: Pile
Fringe: Cotton
Type: Handmade Knotted
Age: Antique
Size: 10'10"x19'2"
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