Area rugs 101

Handmade Area Rugs 101 is an educational section about handmade area rugs of the world. We have uniquely divided this section into six subsections: Area Rug Attributes, Area Rug History, Geography & People, Area Rug Tools, Area Rug Glossary, and Area Rug Resources. We have also developed a Pricing Guide which helps in understanding how handmade area rugs are priced.

area rugs 101

Area Rug Attributes

Learning about rugs and distinguish one from another by attributes including size, color, layout, pattern, style, make, pile, weave, foundation, knot, category, age, and condition.

area rugs 101

Area Rug History

Events, people, places, and rugs that have had a significant influence on the art of rug weaving and our understanding of this art are discussed in the History section.

area rugs 101

Geography & People

Geography   People describes the lifestyle of rug weavers whose way of life has a direct influence on their weaving.

area rugs 101

Area Rug Tools

Different Tools are needed in construction of a handmade rug. Some common tools used in rug weaving are vertical looms, horizontal looms, design plate, knife, scissors, spindle, hook and comb.

area rugs 101

Area Rug Glossary

Glossary section is a comprehensive list of handmade rug terminology and related words used in Learn About Rugs.

area rugs 101

Area Rug Resources

Rug Resources section consists of a list of books, museums, magazines, trade shows, interior designers, importers, retailers and associations.

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