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Everyone needs a decorative accent to spruce up their home every now and then. Whether it’s painting the walls, or purchasing a new vase. But the best way to add an elegant and exciting appeal to any room is an accent rug. Rugs have come a long way from being bland and solid colored. There are also various types of rugs to choose from for any style of room.

Modern rugs are very trendy and abstract. These rugs usually vary in many different shades and shapes. Modern rugs are usually bright and vibrant, but they can also be edgy in color, but unique in the design. They are often used to accent contemporary furniture and are the eye popper in any room.

Round rugs are another great addition to most rooms. These rugs are very popular in children’s rooms because they give a whimsy and precious look. Round rugs also are often used in bathrooms beside a shower or bath. These rugs are not only adorable but they are also very inviting.

Wool rugs are very easy to use as far as improving any room. They can turn a plain room into one full of life. Wool rugs are very diverse and not only accent furniture but can also be used as a focal point. These rugs also can add a warm element to any room with wood flooring or tiles.

Contemporary rugs are similar to modern rugs in that they are usually very bright and vibrant. Contemporary rugs have a very classy and elegant appeal. These rugs look best in rooms that are somewhat plain. The purpose of a contemporary rug is to make it your main focal point. These rugs make any room pop with life especially when they are accented by furniture that is neutral in color.

Persian rugs are a very important part of the Persian art world. Persian are well known for their carpet-weaving expertise, which is why these rugs are so popular. These beautiful antique looking rugs make great accents to rooms with a vintage look. Though these rugs are exquisite, they are cared for differently than machine-made rugs.

Handmade rugs are extremely versatile. They vary in size, shape, color, and come in a variety of patterns. Depending on the design of the rug, these rugs can go anywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom. Like the Persian rugs, handmade rugs are also cared for and cleaned differently than machine-made rugs.
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