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When it comes to decorating a home or other area that you may be spending a lot of time in, finding the right rug may be what the home needs to pull everything together. This is very much the case for many areas in Minnesota.  Medallion Rugs is located in the California area but we will ship to your area for no cost. As a store, it is the best around and will offer all you need as it pertains to modern rugs and Persian rugs, round rugs and contemporary rugs. Basically, anything you need you will be able to find in this store.

One of the key reasons why Medallion Rugs is so highly regarded in the rug world is our attention to detail. We find only the best rugs around and go out of our way to present a type of selection that most people can only dream of. When it comes to finding the best rugs around, you can look no further than our store. Whether you want a wool rug or some handmade rugs, you will be covered and will be able to find the best that you can imagine.

Another thing about our store is the fact that w pride ourselves on just how inexpensive and affordable all of our rugs are. We are certainly more interested in developing long lasting relationships with clients than making a few extra bucks off someone that does not know what they are buying. We are in this business to serve you and make sure you get the best rug available at the most affordable rate around. 

You will surely be very satisfied with your experience with us as we go out of our way to help the customer.
And lastly, one of the best parts of doing business with us is the fact that we will ship your rug anywhere it needs to go in the United States Of America. Whether you want to order online or buy in store then send it on its merry little way, you will be able to with relative ease through our business. We are all about taking care of you and making things as easy as humanly possible for anyone who cares enough about our business to give us a try. When you use us for your rug needs, you can guarantee you will be getting the most attention possible. All in all, you will be getting a great deal from people who care about you if you use Medallion Rugs.

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