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When moving into a new space or deciding to change the look of a room, new area rugs are usually a part of the design project. The right rugs can make a difference in the room and really complete a look for a space. There are some things to consider when visiting an area rug store in Massachusetts

First, consider the location of the modern rugs. Make sure that the rugs selected to be placed in high traffic areas are suited for the location. For a heavy traffic area, washable wool rugs or modern rugs may be sensible. Low pile rugs that will attract less dirt may be more ideal in terms of its ability to stand extensive wear and tear. 

Second, consider the purpose of the rugs. If the rugs are going to serve as accent rugs, the design of the contemporary rugs or handmade rugs should make sense for where they are being placed. For example, the designs of the Persian rugs shouldn’t clash with a couch that contains a complicated pattern. If round rugs and modern rugs are supposed to serve as accent pieces, they need to bring together the furnishings and window treatments nicely.

Third, the size of the room should be considered before adding wool rugs to a given space. For example, two rounds rugs or square rugs placed in a certain area may make the space appear significantly smaller. A room that is already small may not be able to handle rugs beyond a certain size. The type of flooring can also make a difference. Impressive handmade rugs or contemporary rugs placed over wooden flooring may really give the room personality if they are the correct size. Area rugs too small in size may actually take away from the room.

Fourth, purchase the rugs with family pets in mind. For example, if a person has a cat that loves to scratch the carpet, a durable type of area rug may be ideal. A pet that sheds a lot with a rug that also sheds would require a lot of upkeep. People often purchase wool rugs because they are easiest to clean. They also dry quickly after being cleaned and do a slightly better job of repelling stains than other types of rugs.

These tips should be kept in mind when it’s time to visit the local area rug store in Massachusetts. Customer service reps at the Medallion Rug Gallery Store can help anyone find the perfect rug for any room in the home.

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