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Our website offers a wide variety of rugs in all shapes and sizes. Visit our website today to browse our selection, and we are certain you will find one that will fit your decorating needs. We are located in Iowa but we ship nationwide. We have Modern Rugs, Persian Rugs, Handmade Rugs and more. One of our beautiful rugs can add so much to your existing décor. It can also be a great way for those who are just starting to decorate.

A rug can be a great start to decorating an empty room. If you are decorating an empty room, and have a blank canvas an easy way to decorate is by choosing your rug first. If you pick your rug first the rest of the decorating can just fall into place. You can decorate around the colors and style of the rug. When you pick your rug first you can choose one or two of the colors from the rug to use as your accent colors. Just be certain that the rest of your décor matches the rug you choose. For instance, you would want to use modern furniture with a Modern Rug and contemporary furniture with a Contemporary Rug.

Another way to decorate with a rug is by the placement of the rug. You can start by putting one of our Round Rugs or Wool Rugs in the middle of your room. A rug placed in the middle of the room with the furniture placed around it is always a nice look. You can also put one of our Persian or Handmade rugs in front of your fireplace. Nothing looks better than a Handmade Rug in front of the fireplace. It will really give your whole room a warm cozy feeling to have one of our great looking rugs in front of the fire. 

If you start with one of our beautiful rugs it will inspire you with decorating ideas, and you will end up with a great looking room. So visit our website and browse our large selection, where you are certain to find a rug that will fit your needs, and remember we are located in Iowa but we ship nationwide.

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