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Medallion Rug Gallery is located in California, but they will ship it to Indiana for no cost. There are many reasons why Medallion Rug Gallery should be where you buy your next rug from. 

If you are shopping around for modern rugs or contemporary rugs, then you should check out the selection at Medallion Rug Gallery. They have a good selection of contemporary and modern rugs that come in a variety of styles. If you like round rugs, then you will have no problem finding a contemporary or modern round rug. 

If modern or contemporary rugs is not what you are looking for, then the store has many different types of Persian rugs to choose from. antique, semi-antique and new contemporary are the different types of Persian rugs that the store carries, but there are many different and unique styles and designs that they come in. Some of the most popular designs and styles of Persian rugs are Tabriz, Hamadan, Gabbeh,Kashan and Heriz. There are many other types of Persian rugs available, but these are just some of the most sought after Persian rugs. 

You may also be interested in the wool rugs that the store has for sale. The wool rugs are extremely durable and they look great. Some of the rugs are made with silk, but no matter which rug you choose to get you will be receiving only the best rug of its kind. 

The rugs are durable, reliable and they are also homemade. No other rugs in the country can compare to the rugs that Medallion Rug Gallery carries. The homemade rugs are elegant looking and will compliment any home. 

Not only will you find that there is a large selection of rugs to choose from, and not only will you find different styles of homemade rugs to choose from, but the prices are also attractive. You will find that the rugs that Medallion Rug Gallery are hard to find and you will most likely not be able to find them elsewhere, at least not at the prices that they sell them for. 

If you want a one of a kind rug, then you should call Medallion Rug Gallery today. The people who work there will be more than happy to assist you on finding the perfect rug for your home. Give them a call and then choose the type of rug you want and then wait for it to be shipped out. It is that simple.

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