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For the best in variety of handmade, modern, Persian and contemporary rugs that will add that unique decorative touch to your home, Medallion Rug Gallery will offer you nothing but eye catching designed rugs to fit any room's theme.

Handmade Rugs

The threads and materials of our handmade rugs are knitted skillfully making it a stronger more durable material. These rugs have a distinctive style and design that primarily comes in silk or wool. One of the wonderful characteristics about handmade rugs is that the style cannot be replicated, which will give your room a unique patterned design that is customized just for that room theme. 

Modern Rugs

If you love the idea of redesigning the rooms in your home with a very trendy and comfy ambiance, modern rugs will be an exciting new accessory. All the rooms in your home can be beautifully redefined with a splash of color and pattern that modern rugs bring. Modern rugs carry an array of designs and stylistic patterns that align very well with any and every room. The colors for most modern rugs can match perfectly with a well thought out color scheme, whether it be solid bold colors or even customized patterns. 

Round Rugs

We understand that most rooms come in a variety of sizes and thus the round rugs were created with that in mind. Round rugs , unlike traditional square or rectangular rugs, were designed for the variety of lengths and widths. Most people aren't quite sure how to make round rugs work in their home. If you have a home bedroom that you would like to give a much cozier feel to, a round or oval rug will divide the space in a very unique fashion. This can be done by simply placing it in the middle of the room or off center which will give it the illusion of pulling all the elements of the room together. 

Wool Rugs

Most wool rugs are very warm in nature and are thus used to upgrade and add warmth to any room in your home. Wool rugs beautify both your bathroom and kitchen areas while adding accenting colors and designs. Most people will add wool rugs to cover the linoleum, tile or even concrete floors, they also can protect these floors from constant day to day traffic scrapes and falls. 

Contemporary Rugs

If you are attracted to very bold patterns and vibrant colors you will want to try our contemporary rugs. Contemporary rugs can actually make a large room look larger if you choose a rug with very large striking designs. Most people will even choose contemporary rugs to brighten up a child's bedroom or a kitchen. They are offered in an array of colors that can give a room life and a true welcoming ambiance. 

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are one of the most popular rugs that buyers are raving about. For years, Persian rugs have been known to give your home a rich mystic design that heightens the warmth and welcoming aura. These types of rugs are generally used to decorate the main living room or dining room area where antiques usually stand and further accent the beauty these rugs entail. Persian rugs are very durable and the quality of the material is built to last for years to come.

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