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There is nothing like an attractive floor covering to bring out the beauty of Delaware. As a result, handmade rugs have become the covering of choice. These modern rugs offer a wide range of opportunities for creating any atmosphere desired in any home or office situation. We, at Medallion Rug Gallery, offer a wide variety of handmade rugs in various styles, patterns, shapes, and construction.

It is always important, when planning on redecorating an area, to choose a rug that is appropriate for the location and the theme planned. Fortunately, it is now possible to have a choice of beautiful handmade rugs, which makes it easy to provide a significant change to the area in question. 

Round rugs have become very popular for highlighting a room. They can add unusual warmth and color to an interior and are available in a variety of styles and designs. They are known for their ability to tie the other furnishings in the room into a cohesive picture that gives the feeling of warmth and elegance.

There are many different techniques, colors, and styles used in producing rugs. A good example of this is Persian rugs. There are actually over 10,000 different types of this floor covering, representing patterns of the village where they were produced. These are original designs and have a beautiful mixture of geometric designs and flowers.

Contemporary rugs are becoming extremely popular. These are handmade and usually produced in Nepal or Afghanistan. They are becoming a favorite with interior decorators due to their variety of aesthetics, which include floral and bold designs. These are made by modern designers so have a different appearance than the old style Persian rug.

In today's modern world of synthetic materials, wool rugs are still a favorite. Not only do they produce a rich and elegant appearance but are a delight to walk on as well. They are able to create a feeling of luxury and wealth that manmade materials cannot. 

Our elegant rug gallery has an extensive collection of modern rugs that are handmade. These are available in every shape and size so it is easy to find one that will fit in perfectly with any area size. Whether an individual, collector, or interior designer it is possible to find one that will fit any situation. 

We, at Medallion Rug Gallery offer a unique "Try Before You Buy" policy to assure that our customers are completely satisfied with their choice, prior to making a purchase. This makes it possible to ascertain exactly what type of rug will be appropriate for the desired result. Our professional staff will not only bring chosen rugs to a home or business but move furniture as well. 

We are very proud of our rugs and offer a "Lifetime Full Exchange Guarantee", under which an exchange can be made with full credit for the original price paid. We are dedicated to providing the very best service possible for our customers and are available at any time to answer questions regarding rug purchasing.

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