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Area rugs give new life to a room. They add color and texture to interior decor, and can also make the room feel more cozy and welcoming. If you go to an area rug store in Arkansas, you run the risk of spending lots of time going from store to store without finding what you have in mind. A store specializing in persian rugs might sound appealing, but what if you want a contemporary rug? Perhaps the store you've chosen has contemporary rugs, but no round rugs! Shopping for area rugs can take a lot of time out of your weekend. This reason alone makes visiting us online at Medallion Rugs a smart idea. For one, we have a great selection of handmade rugs from around the world, whether you want contemporary rugs, wool rugs, or something totally unique to you. In addition, we have been in business for almost 35 years. We've had many satisfied customers over the decades who keep shopping with us for their rug needs. Since we offer our rugs at up to 70% off of retail value, you can see why.

We have been teaching communities about one of the world's oldest and most exquisite art forms, the handmade rug. Each one of our rugs has a unique character and charm all its own, whether it be an antique persian raver area rug, or a new contemporary anatolian. Our show rooms are stocked with fine pieces shipped from around the globe for your consideration.

In addition to selling handmade rugs as decor and collector's items, we also offer care services. These include deep cleaning and dusting to restore the original beauty of a handmade rug, rug appraisal, invisible pads to keep rugs from moving, and free rug rotation every year. We also have a "try before you buy" policy, which allows customers to evaluate a rug within their own home without any obligation to buy.

At Medallion Rugs, we are passionate about bringing quality, hand woven works of art to the public at reasonable prices. Just give us a try, and we think you will like the Medallion Rugs difference.

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