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If you are looking for an area rug store in Arizona your best bet might actually be to look a little further west to California. It sounds puzzling we know, but Medallion Rug Gallery has some of the best area rugs in the country. Typically when a person thinks about buying a contemporary rug or modern rug they usually think that they need to go to a local rug store.

While that is a nice idea, your local rug store probably doesn't have that good of a selection or prices. At Medallion Rug Gallery, we do things a little differently. You won't find a Medallion Rug Gallery area rug store in Arizona any time soon, or most other states. We have a single store in California, but we ship everywhere in the United States for free.

What this allows us to do is to stock all kinds of area rugs (modern rugs, round rugs, wool rugs, contemporary rugs, Persian rugs, handmade rugs just to name a few) at good prices while still giving you the service you deserve. One question we get a lot is about our return policy. If you're ordering a rug over the internet and you don't know if you're going to like it, you will probably want to return it or exchange it for another rug. That is a good description of our return and exchange policy. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our rugs and you can return them and at any time and get full store credit towards a new rug.

We do this because we understand that finding the perfect area rug for your home can take a long time and that a person really needs to experience the rug in a variety of situations to figure out if they like it or not. Needless to say, we've been pretty successful with our policy so far, and have been in business since 1978.

If you have any trouble figuring out what kind of area rug you need, feel free to give us a call. We have expert designers ready to answer any and every question you have about area rugs.

So the next time you're driving around looking for an area rug store in Arizona, just remember you could be ordering an area rug online from the comfort of your own home.

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