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One of the most important features of your home is the carpet you have on the floor. While many homes have floors covered by wall to wall carpeting, other homes have wood or tile flooring and use area rugs to highlight seating, dining and entertainment areas. In Tampa FL, where the climate is tropical and the soil is sandy, tile floors are popular because they are easy to keep clean. However, tile floors may appear cold; the use of a handmade area rug with tile floors gives a warmer feeling to a room.

Tampa is a melting pot of cultures, with our residents representing many nations. Therefore the people of Tampa would appreciate being able to browse through a large collection of handmade rugs gathered from many different countries. One can browse through such a collection at the website ( for the Medallion Rug Gallery located in Palo Alto, California. You can choose from a wide selection of rugs, including Persian rugs, as well as contemporary and modern styles. You can purchase online, often at greatly discounted prices.

If you are a traditionalist, you might consider purchasing a Persian area rug as the main focus for your living room or dining room. Ancient Persia encompassed a much broader area than what we think of as Iran today, so "Persian rugs" include not only rugs from Iran, but also rugs from India, Pakistan, and China. With the cool tiles so prevalent in Tampa, you might prefer a new contemporary area rug or you could select from a variety of modern area rugs.

This website offers information on 13 attributes the company uses to classify rugs, as well as information on the people, history and geography of the regions of the world where these rugs are made. A glossary of terms related to rug making is offered, which is well worth reading. The company also presents a list of interior design firms by state, so that you can have access to expert advice in selecting a rug that best enhances your home.

The Medallion Rug Gallery offers a wide selection of handmade rugs, whether you are interested in a Persian area rug, a new contemporary area rug, or a modern area rug

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