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As a resident of Sugar Land TX, you know your home town has more to offer than most American cities. You live in beautiful community with good people all around you. The town is safe, the housing is affordable and you have great schools, medical care and plenty of convenient shopping. Over the years, the government has done so much to cause the community to grow in the most positive direction, increasing cultural diversity and sophistication. Because of this, Sugar Land has grown from a small farm community into the place you now call home. You love raising your family here and you love the people that are in your life. 

Sharing your home with loved ones is a special experience here in Sugar Land, and your décor is a huge part of that. Perhaps you've been looking to upgrade your home décor,or you've just purchased or rented a new apartment or condo and you are starting out with bare bones. One of the easiest ways to start any new design project is to start with an area rug

In Sugar Land TX, there is only one source for area rugs, the Medallion Rug Gallery. The folks at Medallion have been reviewed by many top publications including Architectural Digest, The Gentry Magazine, California Home Design and San Francisco. Their rugs are exceptionally beautiful and designed to last a lifetime. 

What Should You Look For When Shopping for a Rug?

Whether you are looking for modern area rugs, a handmade area rug or a Persian area rug, first consider your needs. Evaluate your space. Would one large rug be ideal or would you like to break up the space into several segments using various smaller rugs. For example, if you have a large sitting room of 500 square feet or more, breaking that up into areas can create an activity area for kids games or adult games like pool, an office and possibly an a TV/video entertainment area. 

When Should You Consider a New Contemporary Area Rug Over an Antique Rug?

At Medallion Rugs, you will find both antique and contemporary area rugs. Sometimes antique designs just will not work in your home. When you have kids that are particularly active and tough on things, this could significantly damage an antique rug. However, in your room where they are not aggressively playing and running regularly, an antique rug might be a perfect fit since it will only be getting basic foot traffic from you and your other family members. Select your rug based on location first, then choose by design.

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